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The online institute helping millennial moms and mompreneurs overcome the overwhelm, create work/life harmony all while Manifesting Overflow and Results in Every area of their lives! #OwnYourSlay

OWN Your Slay University

Is for Faith-based women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs, who are ready to SHOW UP CONFIDENTLY, and  manifest all that God has for them.  Purpose and success are steeped in confidence, and that confidence is found in Him! If you know that there is more that God has for you, and you're sick and tired of getting in your own way... this is for you! No more sitting on your gifts, talents and abilities...waiting for things to be "perfect"! Perfection is a distraction, and quite frankly does not exist. It's time to move forward, confident in purpose, allowing the God work that God is doing on the inside, to manifest in how you show up in this world! If you're ready to build your faith like never before, prosper in purpose, and experience exceeding abundant increase in your business, keep scrolling!


Own Your SLAY University is an online institute founded by Slay Consultant, Reese Dennis, to provide practical education, timely resources and accountability to empower women to walk confidently in their calling, and  SLAY in their God Given Purpose! Our primary focus is "Presence Transformation", equipping you to SHOW UP confidently in your business, on camera and everywhere your calling leads you! Our unique curriculum, coupled with the explosive delivery from our instructors, will position you to level up like never before!


From Webinars, to workshopsaccountability groups, mastermind sessions, live demos and more...

we provide a 360 approach to help Show up confidently you OWN YOUR SLAY! 

Hey, it's Reese... Founder and Slay Executive in Charge of Own Your Slay University. You are not here by accident, I know God has something amazing on the other side of our working together, but first let me tell you a little bit more about who I am! Yaaass!

Luxury retail executive turned entrepreneur!

I am a wife, mommypreneur, and Slay Consultant; Helping women to show up confidently and OWN Their SLAY; Mind Body & in Business! I am one of the best when it comes to teaching women how to show up confidently for themselves, from the fitting room to the board room! I believe how you show up is directly connected to having a firm foundation and understanding of WHO you are and WHOSE you are! God is the plug, and knowing and living for Him is the key to success and prosperity! MY job is to help you get unstuck, remove the barriers, and reconnect to the truth of who you are;  live your life boldly, in purpose!

It's Time to Show Up!

As a celebrated "purpose pusher", with over a decade of experience in the luxury retail industry, I leverage my experience in style, business and life, to empower you to uncover and  embrace your worth. From how you dress, to how you interact with clients, to how you captivate your audience on camera... I help you maximize your influence. I am a firm believer that how we show up is a direct reflection of our King, and anything less is a slap in His face.  Soooo Let's Show Up!


The Truth is...

I know who I am and more importantly, WHOSE I am, But that wasn't always the case. I know what it's like to struggle with self worth, and thoughts of inferiority... yes, extroverts struggle too! I know what it feels like to be celebrated in public, but behind closed doors cry because you didn't think you're worthy. Greatness? Gifts? I know what it's like to be so confused, and so unaware of purpose, that staying stuck in a space of mediocrity seems like the only choice! 


When I say I get it, believe me... I get it! I remember back in 2016, dropping to my knees in the shower, crying out to God asking for a sign a simple message of hope to know I still had a purpose, that I wasn't forgotten! That was the beginning of my surrender, and Psalm 139;14 came to life! I wasn't always this confident in my gifts and abilities. but once I uncovered the truth of WHO I AM in HIM, that changed the game for me! My life has never been the same since, and I know I have an obligation to help you uncover this truth as well!  Consider me your own personal guide, and confidant. It's time!

Let's get to work & SLAY

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