Own Your SLAY University Presents...

The Style Suite!


The wait is over! You ladies already know I am a firm believer in being #SNATCHED for His Glory, and I'm finally sharing ALL of my tips, tricks, and resources to help you SLAY in STYLE!

From building an inspirational wardrobe, to mastering online shopping, to providing worksheets to help you navigate and repurpose what you already own... I'm sharing what's in my "SlayBook" complete with style inspiration, and pairing advice, to give you the CONFIDENCE you need to OWN YOUR SLAY!


Course Roster:

-"Confidence 101; Slay, Like You Mean It!" (NOW IN SESSION)

-"Just a Click Away; How to Master Online Shopping!" (NOW IN SESSION)

-"Slay Basics; 10 Essentials for Your Wardrobe!" 

-"It's Got to Go; #Snatched and REpurposed!" 

-"Basic Beat; Lipstick, mascara & blush... Oh My!"