The Intro Course!


EVERYTHING... starts with confidence!


 But this so much more than just the clothing we wear. How we rock our garments is just as important as the fit of the garment itself. With a commitment to pursuing purpose, and the attention we dedicate to how we adorn ourselves, our external should  reflect all that is happening within! And that all begins with knowing WHO YOU ARE, and walking in that truth CONFIDENTLY!

In this course we'll cover;

-What Shapes Our Confidence?

Confidence Busters vs. Confidence Boosters. The things that have shaped your confidence and how you view yourself? 
-3 keys to Activate Your "SLAY"

Do you know how to show up, whether on camera or in a business meeting? What is your "posture"? And what does your posture say about you? 

After completing this course you will have the tools to:

-Identify what's been holding you back 

-Intentionally work towards becoming your best self

Show up confidently with how you reflect what God is doing on the inside!

I am a firm believer that how we show up is a direct reflection of our king! Anything less is a slap in His face... so let's do the work to show up confidently! 


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