6 week group program for mompreneurs

The only program empowering married mompreneurs to Redefine mom life from the inside out, become the best version of yourself mind, body and in business. Momma, get your sexy back  while learning how to master harmony in your home and creating a life worth bragging about! You deserve it!

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Limited time access! Reserve your seat today!

You're here because:

You’re overwhelmed with "mom life" and you're finally ready to experience Harmony & Flow, and create the life you know you deserve!


At this point, you're seeing an impact in your:


Your expectations and priorities aren't in alignment and mom guilt is overwhelming you. You can't seem to mange your time, or honor your boundaries. You're simple not enjoying your life!


You’ve tried to implement schedules but nothing seems to work! From your fitness journey, to your morning routine, you can't seem to figure out what to do to be consistent!


You've been doing all the busy work, but you're not seeing the results  you know you deserve in your business. you're stuck! You're ready for real impact!

You're ready to show up, and create a fulfilling life that serves you; surrounded by moms who "get it", and finally get the support and accountability you know you need to make it happen!

How do I know?


I was YOU!

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I’d reached my breaking point. I was sobbing on my bathroom floor, after spending nearly 2 hours unsuccessfully trying to put my daughter, Dream, to sleep. That was just the straw that broke the camels back.

I’d been trying to find "balance", which I've since learned doesn't exist and actually trying to find it leads to BURN OUT! I was trying to:

  • Keep my home in order (the laundry y'all... the LAUNDRY)

  • Show up & slay in my business (I was managing 9 platforms smh)

  • Spend time with my daughter (while still breastfeeding)

  • Drop it low for my hubby and ensure we don't lose the spice


All while maintaining some sort of self care routine, including fitness and my mental health... wooo! Chi it was a whole lot!


I was fed up, frustrated, overwhelmed and felt guilty because I didn’t feel like I was being the best mom for Dream!

It was rough and lonely! I cried out and said “God, if you don’t help me I’m not gonna make it” !


I needed a serious makeover!!

Can you relate?

You need a

Mommy Makeover!


If you were like me, you've just been going with the flow, and living a life you actually don't enjoy. You may even feel like you're not being a good mom, because you've been sacrificing time with your loved one to show up in a business that isn't even getting you the results you've worked so tirelessly to attain!


You're not satisfied or fulfilled with the results and the way things are right now.  And sadly, you've convinced yourself that this is "just the way things are" because you're a mom! 

I told you... I get it! I get you, because I was you!


I was following some pretty limiting narratives of what my life, as a mom, wife and entrepreneur  "should" look like... before realizing I had the power to create the life I truly desired for myself! 

I had to get super intentional about my life, my time; adjusting my expectations,  realigning my priorities, and setting boundaries in place to support who I wanted to be as a whole mom and the life I desired for myself! And I LOVE the life I've created, and who I am becoming as a result of my Mommy Makeover! And I'm so ready to help you do the same!

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Introducing the

Mommy Makeover Method™️

The Mommy Makeover Program is  a 6 weeks program in a class all by itself! The only program uniquely designed for married mompreneurs, who are ready for a full makeover, mind, body and in business! Momma, it's time to redefine mom life on your terms.  Give yourself the space, grace & permission to let go of the life that no longer serves you, and manifest a life, body and business worth bragging about! 

(yes, I said it just like that)!




In addition, this program provides...

You'll receive:

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After our time together you will have​...

Completed my signature Mental Detox Process

to ensure your mindset aligns with what you desire!

Created your own Personalized Mommy System...

to including your schedule and "pain plans"

Purpose Clarity,  so you can position yourself to finally

show up consistently in your business without the burnout!

A Business Blueprint knowing what web services, systems, programs and

tools to use to serve you as you build your business. Good bye overwhelm!

My signature SLAY Plan to ensure you can show up for your self;

Establishing your Faith, Fashion and Fitness routines, without the overwhelm


Learned from our experts ways to increase intimacy in your marriage, 

while also enjoying time freedom to do what you want when you want!

You will become 

a top priorityin your life;

Manifesting overflow and results!

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1 intention setting call, 6 self paced training modules. Perfect to fit into your mom life!

Women Colleagues

6 Accountability group calls, answering questions and providing guidance for your specific situation!

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Workbook and done for you templates, to ensure you stay in flow and on track.

My Mommy Makeover Method™️ is a transformational process, with 5 unique components.


Mommy Mindset: Redefine mom life, identifying and eliminating toxic narratives, and shift your mindset to align with the life you desire! 

Mommy Money Story: Rewrite the narrative, and  finally see money for what it is, a resource for exchange! Having money is not evil, and God isn't keeping anything from you!

Mommy Mode : Create harmony in your life, implementing systems, routines and strategies that fit your lifestyle, and serve you and the life you desire!

Mommy-preneur: Learn the system for ease in business; The Customer Experience, Website Building, Consistent Content Creation, Branding and social presence, E-commerce and Course creation 

Mommy Maintenance: Create a self care, fitness, and intimacy lifestyle that lasts and serves YOU.. Enjoying every moment of life, as you cater to you!  Keep your cup on overflow!


This program is only for moms who are ready to courageously give themselves permission to redefine mom life on their terms, and create a life that serves and excites them! 


 If you're ready, I'm here to guide you to the other side; loving you like a sister, and pushing you to your greatness! 


The Choice is yours momma!


Option 1

keep going at it alone. Trying to overcome the overwhelm and hold yourself accountable to your goals and dreams...

 Hoping things will change in your marriage, and business... doing what you've always done!

Option 2

accept the invitation and apply to join us for 6 weeks of transformation...getting the tools, resources and accountability you need to create harmony... leading to the life you know you deserve as a whole mom! A life of ease, flow and clarity! Body, bedroom, AND bank account! 

Image the life that's waiting for you, on the other side of your "yes"!

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Since my own Mommy Makeover...

I’ve gone through a major mindset shift, given myself permission to unapologetically manifest overflow in my life; from my body to my bank account. No more hiding, shrinking or wishing, I’m claiming and manifesting EVERYTHING I DESIRE!

My body is just the way I want it! I feel alive, sexy and fully  able to show up.  My sex life is popping (your marriage doesn't have to suffer because you're a mom), and I'm maintaining my self care rituals that ensure I don't burn out! 

I’ve created routines and systems that support the work/life  harmony that is my promise as a mom! My life is in alignment, and the areas of my life from being a wife, business owner… even my wardrobe… all work in together and are in agreement!

I’ve overcome mom guilt, overwhelm and burn out, and have strategies in place to help me to remain in a place of victory. God does not want me to sit in overwhelm, I am His daughter and I am more than a conqueror!

 I am now a top priority in my life, and give of myself from a place of overflow. I make time for me, and hold the space to process, grow, learn, shift, release, receive and feel all that is needed on this journey of being. I love myself, and treat myself with the utmost care, love and respect.

And I want the same for you!

Final decisions and acceptances will be sent via email. You will be notified whether accepted or not. We won't leave you hanging, momma. Program investment is $2500. Please note if accepted into the Mommy MakeOver Program, two investment options will be available. Save and invest in full $2500, or flex plan of 3 monthly installments of $725. A deposit of $500 will be due upon acceptance, and will go toward the remaining balance for the program. Due to the demand and limited space in the program, you will have 24 hours to pay your deposit and secure your spot.Remaining balance due 72 hours before the start of the program March 8th.


For 3 month payment plan, please be advised an email will be sent with invoice of amount due monthly. An email will be sent within 72 hours to confirm.