The Story

I remember creating my first curl mix! I slayed using a bunch of leftover curls (3 curls and different lengths + faux locs) and my TL went crazy! My clients were all in my DMs asking how they could book my latest slay, but I honestly didn't even think to offer it! You see creating "curls cocktails", took little to no effort for me, and sometimes we don't even see the value in what comes so easily to us!

Well, I started to offer curl blends to my clients, customizing each install. It was great, but I had no idea that what I was offering was a premium service. Like, just look at my client... this was my first time offering a customized curl blend and she was in LOVE! Like if you're client don't respond like this... what are you even doing! lol!

Well I was slaying, and mixing, and customizing and didn't even realize I was offering a premium service. Well, I've since learned my lesson and discovered how to leveraged this "new skill" to increase my average install price from $125  to  $175 starting!  


And guess what, with what Im going to show and teach you in the Curl Mixology course... you can LEVEL UP! And I give you what you need to do just that!

So Let's get right into it!!!

The Course

Calling all crochet braids stylists who are ready to level upand increase their income, by mastering "Curl Mixology"... one of the hottest trends in crochet braids right now!

(DIYers, and side-hustlers y'all are welcomed, too lol)


In this 90 minute class, we'll cover:

--The Science behind creating the perfect "Curl Cocktail"​

--The How to: My 2-to-1 install and blend strategy (Works for both traditional and knotless installs)​

--My Top two fave curls to blend (yes, the name of the curls and brand will be discussed in addition to others curls. no games!)​

--How to leverage curl blends as an add-on service and/or brand new slay for clients!  (Start using what you learn IMMEDIATELY!)

--Elevate and Slay! DIYer, Save the money and slay your own hair, and to my stylists... 
Make back what you've invested to take this course with less than a few clients, and grow your income!

A few Reviews!

IT's time to Elevate your skills. Slay like a boss, and iincrease your income! 


Get the class NOW!


Bonus, get my personal list of Black Owned Beauty Supply stores + where to find the curls you love!

Mixology Crochet Course

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