In this 5 part self paced masterclass, you'll learn how to use our proven Own Your Slay Framework to redefine mom life on your terms, and finally create and live the life that excites you! 


This Masterclass will be launched on 4.26.2021 and is self paced, we get it you're a whole mom and we want to be sure you can commit to the process without having to sacrifice time with your family!


You'll receive access to each of the 5 components, along with a workbook to guide you through each step.


After you've completed this course you'll know how to:

Discover what is serving you  and what you'll need to let go of to create the life you desire... from the bedroom to the playroom we cover it all!

You'll also learn how to redefine what you want your life to look like, and have access to the proven systems, schedules and strategies to create it for yourself! We encourage you to watch this quick video for all the details! 




Own Your Slay Mommy Masterclass