In this 6 part self paced intensive You'll learn:


How to unlock your voice and confidence on camera, and show up for yourself and for your business with purpose! (Confidence is key)

How to create killer video content to promote your products and services, using BASIC equipment! (No, you don't need a DSLR to build a profitable platform)

MY Signature system to captivate your viewers on camera, attract your tribe and leave them asking for more!


How to Roll out a video marketing campaign to create a"hot buzz" around an event or product/service release that cannot be ignored. (moving from likes to committed buyers)

How to share and structure your unique story, skill, or service to create your first video eCourse for pay! Yes, create your first course!

Checklist of specific apps, tools, and equipment needed for each video platform, complete with a "how to" DEMO showing how it all works together)

Video Bootcamp