The competition   for crochet  stylists and enthusiast to put their creativity on display!

The Categories

"The Stylist Corner"

Calling all stylists!  Pull out your mannequin heads or grab your quarantined buddy, and go to work! This is the category for those who have access to another head... meaning you can slay on others! Your slay Must include a blend of a minimum of 3+ curls


You will be judged on the following (on a scale of 1-5):


1. Blend Name and Description!

Get creative! What's "Her" name and what's the story behind your slay!

2. The Shape.

 Side part, middle part or bangs... frame that face! The Cut matters. Bobs are welcomed.

3. The blend

  Judges will be looking at the flow and movement

of the curls.

4. Natural.

 Put your skills on display! Illusion, knotless, underloop method are all welcomed! Do Your THANG!

5. Video creativity.

 Yes! Get creative with how you edit your 360 video submission*! Please no profanity in your music!

The Judges & Prizes

Winners are selected by a board of judges (who will be announced). Viewers/supporters will also have an opportunity to cast their vote at #thecurlMix Winners/ Ceremony. 

1 (one) winner will be selected for each category, and will be awarded a cash prize (of no less than $50) in addition to a featured post as the winner!

The Crochet Mixologist Award is a separate award that will be given to 1 winner. This winner will have the exclusive opportunity to create and sell a custom curl blend. Yaaaasss!!! More details to follow.

The TimeLine

Friday, April 10th  12PM EST

Early Bird Registration opens

Thursday, April 16th

Participant Registration Ends. No Exceptions

Friday, April 17th

Tickets on sale for #TheCurlMix  Winners' Ceremony

(All participants attend for free. You do not need to purchase a ticket).

Monday, April 20th

*Participants post on this day only please* 

*All video submissions due by 11:59pm

Tuesday, April 21st

Ticket Sales End for #TheCurlMix Winners' Ceremony

 Virtual Location will be emailed to ticket holders.

Thursday, April 23rd 8pm EST

#TheCurlMix Winners' Ceremony

 Virtual Location will be emailed to ticket holders.

The Rules


All participants must adhere to the following:

-You must submit a video with a complete 360 view of your slay no greater than 1 minute/60 seconds.

-You must post your submission video to your Instagram page and tag #TheCurlMix. You must include your category in your video description.

-You must adhere to the specific curl/color requirements for your respective categories.

-Only one category per participant. Multiple submissions will be disqualified.

-For the duration of the competition you will not mention any hair brand/company unless they are a known sponsor. Any mention of a hair company/brand during the competition will result in a disqualification. Once the competition is over do as you please.

Cash prizes will be awarded via a cash exchange application due to the risk of handling actual cash and to minimize the risk exposure during the COVID crisis. 

-These rules are subject to change at any time during the competition. IF any thing changes a formal email will be sent to all participants.

-All registration fees are NON-refundable and NON-transferable

REGISTRATION for this event has closed. Stay Tuned for the announcement of winners!

Tickets for #TheCurlMix Winners' Ceremony are SOLD OUT! Thank you to each of our sponsors, to each participant and to all of the supporters who purchased a ticket! Please refer to your email for the Virtual Slay Lounge Location for this event! See you there!

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