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The 6 part online intensive designed to help you








your Influence

Using the power of video!

Hi I'm Reese, the Presence Transformationalist! Okay, I made that up! However; I am the absolute best and your go to guide, when it comes to building a platform of influence that leads to greater impact and income, using the power of video! Yaaasss! What's the secret? I know how to SHOW UP, confidently and with purpose!

I've experience growth like no other on my platforms, and I desire to help you do the very same! Over my career, I've seen countless women of purpose fail to confidently share their story, and maximize their influence due to some very fundamental missteps! So I'm taking the charge, and today I'm putting in the work to bring about some SERIOUS transformation in your life!

Purple and White Math Tutor Bordered Lin

I've poured my heart and soul into packaging a program that will help you discern what's been keeping you stuck, transform how you show up on camera, build a platform of influence all while attracting a loyal tribe! It's time to make the ultimate boss move! And Profit in the process!

I know that when you sometimes think of video content creation it can seem extremely overwhelming! Overwhelming to the point of anxiety, sweat and even tears! So many things may come to mind, from the content, to recording, all the way to the upload and editing... WOO! It's a WHOLE production (pun intended). I've recorded so many videos to share my story, build my platform and attract my tribe... so I totally get it!


But what if I told you with all the "work" involved it doesn't have to be overwhelming? What if I told you, it's simpler than you think?

Here's what I know

Video does not have to be this time consuming and frustrating task. It can be both impactful and fun. And it should be!  When you share with authenticity, and have the systems in place so that you can show up, with purpose on purpose...

there is a flow!

Purple and White Math Tutor Bordered Lin

I'm here to guide you through the process!

I'm ready!

Sign me up


This is the space of transformation for you IF

You know you have a story, a service or a product to share... but you're finding it difficult to get it out and in front of the right audience. You have no tribe!

You know there is power in video, but you become mentally paralyzed or even physically sick at the thought of recording a video.

You're frustrated because you've recorded several videos, but they just "weren't right", so you didn't post/share anything at all! You're stuck. 

You've been searching, but you lack the know how or the tools  to show up, consistently and confidently!

You're active on social media, you've even posted a video or two... but you haven't attracted the tribe you desire, or sold anything digitally/virtually in weeks, if at all. 

Or maybe you have it all; The content, the confidence, the resources... but you don't know how to put it all together for greater impact. You don't know the technical stuff!

6 courses for the price of 1

Enroll today! Bonuses are being added to continue to support your growth and confidence on camera! Yaaassss!

Each course comes with a Video Workbook and checklist to make sure you're on target to maximize your influence on camera! 


It's Time to SHOW UP!

A Taste of What We'll Cover During our time together:

How to unlock your voice and confidence on camera, and show up for yourself and for your business with purpose! (Confidence is key)

How to create killer video content to promote your products and services, using BASIC equipment! (No, you don't need a DSLR to build a profitable platform)

MY Signature system to captivate your viewers on camera, attract your tribe and leave them asking for more!

How to Roll out a video marketing campaign to create a"hot buzz" around an event or product/service release that cannot be ignored. (moving from likes to committed buyers)

How to share and structure your unique story, skill, or service to create your first video eCourse for pay! Yes, create your first course!

Checklist of specific apps, tools, and equipment needed for each video platform, complete with a "how to" DEMO showing how it all works together)


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YES! All 6 courses for the price of 1!

Enroll today! Bonuses are being added to continue to support your growth and confidence on camera! Yaaassss!

you'll receive one course per week complete with a Video Workbook and  checklist to make sure you're on target to maximize your influence on camera! 

It's Time to SHOW UP!



VIDEO BOOTCAMP is only for those who are willing to put in the work, time and effort to maximize their influence like never before using video! This is not a program to simply get more likes, and followers... this is a program designed to help you strategically attract your tribe and position yourself to prosper in the marketplace! 

People are online, consuming content like never before. Video is THE tool of the future, and without it, many businesses will suffer in this new marketplace. Even churches are having to navigate this space. Your purpose is too important to be left on the sidelines!

Copy of Pink and Black People and Blogs

If you're ready to stop waiting around, allowing fear to keep you stuck... and you're ready to

Commit and do what is absolutely necessary to propel you into a life of greater influence and abundance... using the power of video... then join us on July 13th! It's time to invest in yourself!





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