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Are you stuck? You know you have something to share but just can't figure out what that is or how to do it? Maybe you know and you've been struggling to master your presence on camera? Perhaps you have that all down, but you're not aware of the technical side? If any of these sound familiar this 6 week intensive bootcamp is just for you!

Every Sunday Starting February 23rd - March 29th! Replay videos available!

You have a voice and a story and the world is waiting for you!

-What does it mean to own your voice?

-How do you know what to share and with whom?

-How is your story connected to your purpose?


During the first two weeks we will explore these questions in great length along with an assignment for you to do the SOUL work! No more being a "passive participant" with your purpose!


 It's time to shift from thinking you and your story are insignificant, to a place of knowing you've been called (to share) for such a time as this!

Confidence is crucial. And with clarity around your story, it's time to move forward with boldness!

This topic is near and dear to my heart, because despite what you may believe I STRUGGLED significantly in this area! Yes, ME! Now, I'm using my story to help us build and move forward to shake the world for God's kingdom!

Confidence doesn't just magically appear, you have to put in the work to build! That's the name of the game for weeks 3-4. Think of it like a muscle. You have to actually workout to build muscle. It's the same with our confidence; it's needs to be built, strengthened.  The word tell us that we have to renew our minds daily, and guess what that take conscious effort.

Your "stage" is wherever God calls you to share! Whether to 1000 or 10... it's all a part of your purpose!

This is my forte! I LOVE video, and how it can literally get your message to so many.  I believe that we have everything we need to move as God directs! With so many platforms for sharing, we have no excuse for keeping our story, gifts and talents to ourselves! 

This is where we get technical The last two weeks are all about creating your stage! We'll explore:

-How to organize the content for your video (story telling/sales)


-in-depth "How to" using apps and tools for video editing

-Common Video/recording Mistakes and how to avoid them 

-Video sharing platforms along with  the pros vs. cons

-And a Final Project!!!

Thank you for your interest. Registration is now closed. Join our email list to be notified of the next cohort & upcoming courses!